Balditsyna E. I., Baklanov I. S., Baklanova O. A. Gender identity studies in the modern social theory: research features, pp. 43-51, 2019 No.2

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.2.4 The article reveals the socio-philosophical and disciplinary features of the modern un-derstanding of the phenomenon of “gender” and “gender identity”, identifies the most effective and widely used strategies for their study. It is revealed that in the modern interpretation the phenomenon of gender has an ascriptive status, a certain cultural-symbolic construct, which society […]

Балдицына Е. И., Бакланов И. С., Бакланова О. А. Особенности исследования гендерной идентичности в современной социальной теории, стр. 43-51, 2019 № 2

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.2.4 Выявлены социально-философские и дисциплинарные особенности современного понимания феноменов «гендер» и «гендерная идентичность», обозначены наиболее эффективные и широкоиспользуемые стратегии их изучения. Установлено, что в современной интерпретации феномен гендера имеет аскриптивный статус и представляет со-бой определенный культурно-символический конструкт, который общество приписывает индивиду исходя из его биологических особенностей и тех социально-нормативных проекций и стереотипов, которые существуют […]

Pushkareva N. L., Mukhina Z. Z., Mitsyuk N. A. Women and men in the political, economic and cultural processes of the Russian urbanization from the XIV to the XXI c. (The XI International Scientific Conference of the Russian Association for Research in Women’s History, October 4—7, 2018, Nizhny Novgorod), pp. 153-159, 2019 No.1

Short overview of abstracts and discussions during the XI International Scientific Con-ference held in Nizhny Novgorod by Russian Association for Research in Women’s History (October 4—7, 2018) presents a varied tapestry of ideas and estimations, relating assessments concerning the gender aspects of urbanism, as well as innovative interdisciplinary approaches in study of gender systems and […]

Kalachikova O. N., Gruzdeva M. A. Gender stereotypes in the modern family: women and men (On the basis of sociological research), pp. 64-76, 2019 No.1

Family is the main institution for the rendition of values and norms, socialization of new generations and, ultimately, it determines the face of the society. Although the traditional monogamous family retains its positions in the mass consciousness, it has been transforming steadily being affected by the changing reality. The article explores the ideas of men […]

Уханова Ю. В. Гражданское участие регионального сообщества: гендерное измерение, стр. 16-27, 2019 № 1

Статья посвящена гендерному аспекту проблемы гражданского участия населения региона. Под гражданским участием подразумевается процесс, посредством которого общественные объединения или индивиды вовлекаются во взаимоотношения с государством и другими социально-политическими институтами с целью решения социально значимых проблем. На основе данных мониторинга общественного мнения жителей Вологодской области, проводимого Вологодским научным центром РАН, выявлено, что женское население наравне с […]

Malkina M. Yu., Rogachev D. Yu. Interrelation of financial literacy in the sphere of digital technologies with personal characteristics of Russian students: the gender aspect, 2018 No.3

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.10 We study the relationship of financial literacy in the sphere of using digital technologies with the personal characteristics of Russian students with an emphasis on the gender aspect of this problem. The research is based on the data collected through the sociological survey of students of majoring in Economics of the Lobachevsky State […]

Gromova L. A., Kiseleva L. S. The comparative analysis of perceptions that X, Y, Z generations of women have on the digital world, 2018 No.3

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.8 The article presents the results of an empirical study conducted in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The research aimed at investigation into the features of perceptions women of different generations have on the digital world. The authors revealed the positive attitude of women towards the penetration of digital technologies into all spheres of life; suggested […]

Ushakova V. G. , Balan X. A. Women’s political activity in public opinion of the student youth in Russia and the United Arab Emirates: comparative analysis, pp. 116-122, 2018 No.2

The article presents the data of international studies and comparative sociological stu-dies, for the first conducted simultaneously at Saint Petersburg State University and the University of Sheikh Zayed (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates). Determined are statistical indicators showing not only common to both countries trends in the process of overcoming gender discrimination, equalization of gender […]

Chirun S. N., Bobrova E. A. Gender peculiarities of political participation in postmodern Russia, pp.104-115, 2018 No.2

The article, which includes the main theoretical and methodological approaches to ex-plaining the concept of “gender”, is devoted to the analysis of the current gender specific fea-tures of Russian public policy and political participation. According to the authors, “gender” is not only a scientific category, but also a dynamic and transforming social construct. The authors […]