Shvetsova A. V. Professional development barriers of young scientists in the gender-differentiated scientific community, p. 83-93

The article is devoted to the analysis of the features of the professional development of women in the academic community and the identification of gender barriers characteristic of the Russian science system. The materials of the integrated applied research (online survey of young Russian scientists, N = 105; in-depth interview of young Russian scientists, N = 20) showed that the development of the personnel potential of science is fraught with difficulties both of a general nature (financial, organizational, moral and ethical), and gender-conditioned, which puts young women scientists in a situation of multiple barriers. Objective gender barriers arise in connection with the reproductive function of women and the resulting double employment, which, in the absence of effective mechanisms of state support, severely limits career opportunities. Cultural barriers are associated with the stereotypical understanding of the binary roles of a man and a woman, which is characteristic of the Russian mentality.
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