Information for authors

1. Journal “Woman in Russian Society” seeks for original and significant articles covering the relevant problems. The Journal welcomes review essays and proceeding of round-tables. Most articles range between 20 and 45 thousand characters.

2. Authors must submit their manuscripts as a .DOC or .DOCX file attachment to

3. The complete set sent to the editorial office should consist of 2 files:
1) the article itself (including the name of the author, the text, the title, the references). Division of articles into meaningful parts/segments is desirable. Articles containing empirical data should include the following parts: ‘problem statement/hypothesis’, ‘research methods’ and ‘results’.
2) information (author’s name, degree, rank and affiliation, contact information (phone and e-mail);
— summary in Russian (4-5 lines) and in English (0,5-1 page long); we ask you to attach the Russian original to facilitate the translator’s job;
— key words in Russian and in English (no more than 10);
— the author’s name given in Latin transliteration. For all transliterations, make use the Library of Congress system.
— The rules for transliteration may be found at:;
— the title of the article in English;
— rank and affiliation in English.

4. References. The article is accompanied by the list of references made in 2 variants. The first one – ‘Bibliographicheskii Spisok’ (Reference list) – is made in accordance with Russian standards 7.1-2003, 7.0.5-2008.
The sources which have been used in the article are mentioned in the alphabetical order (first – Russian sources, then – foreign ones).
The second variant of the reference list – References – is provided using the Latin alphabet.
The References section includes: monographs, articles, collection of articles, dissertations, abstracts of dissertations; this section does not include: archives, newspapers, decrees, statutes, orders, smaller-scale Internet materials.
The reference list is compiled in accordance with Harvard referencing guide.;;

‘Bibliographicheskii Spisok’ (Reference list) – is made in accordance with Russian standards 7.1-2003, 7.0.5-2008
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Journal Articles
Радаев В.В. Социология потребления: основные подходы // Социологические исследования. 2005. № 1. С. 5—18.
Иванов С. Г. Специфичный антиген // Научные ведомости Белгородского государственного университета. Сер.: Биология. 2008. Т. 5, вып. 1. С. 3—20.
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Book with an editor
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Chapter or article in edited book
Стефаненко Т. Г. Социальные стереотипы и межличностные отношения // Общение и оптимизация совместной деятельности / под ред. Г. М. Андреевой, Я. Яноушека. М.: Изд-во Моск. ун-та, 1987. С. 242—250.
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Newspaper articles
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Синявская О., Тындик А. От чего зависят репродуктивные намерения и репродуктивное поведение россиян // ДемоскопWeekly. 2009. 21 сентября. № 379–380. URL: (дата об-ращения: 21.09.2009).
Если в библиографическом списке приводятся две и более работы одного автора, выпущенные в одном и том же году, то к году добавляется латинская буква:
Булгаков С. Н. Философия хозяйства // Сочинения: в 2 т. М.: Наука, 1993a. Т. 1. C. 38—96.
Булгаков С. Н. Основные проблемы теории прогресса // Сочинения: в 2 т. М.: Наука, 1993b. Т. 2. С. 3—50.

References (Harvard referencing guide)
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Journal Articles
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Riabova, T., Romanova, A. (2012) Gendernoe izmerenie anti-Amerikanizma (K postanovke problemy) [The Gender Dimension of Anti-Americanism: Framing the Question], Zhenshchina v rossiiskom obshchestve [Women in Russian society], no. 3, pp. 28—31.
Book with an editor
Riabov, O., de Lazari, A. (eds) (2012) Russkii medved: istoriia, semiotika, politika [The Russian Bear: History, Semiotics, Politics], Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie.
Chapter or article in edited book
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Newspaper articles
Cumming, F. (1999) Tax-free savings push, Sunday Mail, 4 April, pp. 1—4.
NTV Television Channel (2009), Medvedev’s conversation with Kirill Pozdniakov (July 26), available from (accessed 21.09.2014).
Books by same author in the same year
Smith, A. (1998a); Smith, A. (1998b).

In-text citations
If two or more works by different authors or authoring bodies are cited at one point in the text, use a semi-colon to separate them. Please follow the examples below and be sure to include the author, date and page number’s.
[Иванов, 2009], [Smith, 2011]
[Иванов, 2009: 35], [Smith, 2009: 35]
[Иванов, Петров, 2009: 35]
[Иванов, Петров, 2009: 35; Сидоров, Кузнецов, 2011]
[Иванов и др., 2011: 35] [Smith et al., 2011: 35].
Book: no author
Please make use the brief title of book [Семейно-брачный кодекс... , 2011].