Current issue

2022 №4

Kryshtanovskaya O. V., Lavrov I. A., Yushkina N. A. Women rectors and the “glass ceiling”, p. 4-19

The article is devoted to the problem of the imbalance of men and women in the top management in Russian universities. In the course of a study conducted in 2017—2022, the authors analyzed data on 374 rectors of state universities and various aspects of their activities. The professional distribution of women within the education system [...]

Ushakova V. G., Savin S. D. Women in modern Russian politics and public administration, p. 20-31

Based on the latest statistical data and a secondary sociological analysis of current scientific publications, the article deals with the problem of women’s political participation in modern Russian society. The results of a sociological survey of young people on the participation of men and women in public administration are presented. It is concluded that as [...]

Rostovskaya T. K., Khasbulatova O. A., Smirnova I. N. Single mothers in Russian society: strokes to a social portrait, p. 32-42

In modern conditions, single-mother families are quite widely represented in Russian society. Based on a sociological survey and analysis of in-depth interviews with single mothers, the article develops the main characteristics of single mothers’ social portrait. The study showed that the social well-being of women raising a child without a husband can be assessed as [...]

Osadchaya G. I., Volkova O. A., Yudina T. N., Kocherbayeva A. A. Young women from Kyrgyzstan in Moscow metroplex, p. 43-62

The article focuses on the description of the results of a comprehensive study to identify and characterize the specifics of the life of young women who arrived from Kyrgyzstan to the Moscow metroplex. The aims of the conducted research were numerous. Firstly, the authors wanted to systematize the types of Kyrgyz women according to the [...]

Chilipenok Yu. Yu., Gaponova O. S., Osipova O. S. Women in e-commerce: motives for choosing marketplaces as a career, p. 63-78

E-commerce is only one of the new directions that have emerged in the era of the digitalization of the economy. However, the trend is obvious: in the coming years, those specialists who can become a part of this process will be in demand on the labor market. Marketplaces are one of the most remarkable and [...]

Zorina A. E. Personal resources as a success factor of women’s entrepreneurship, p. 79-91

The relevance of research in the field of entrepreneurship is currently due to unique conditions, namely, successive socio-economic crises. The article analyzes the publication activity on the issues of women’s entrepreneurship in recent years. Presented are the author’s criteria that distinguish the founders of their own successful business. The empirical base of the study is [...]

Gurieva S. D., Kazantseva T. V., Mararitsa L. V. Modern research methods on unequal opportunities for men and women in organizations, p. 92-110

The article presents modern theoretical and methodological foundations for studying gender inequalities in an organizational context. The authors developed a conceptualization of the phenomenon of gender inequality and analyzed meta-theoretical approaches to its description: “Gender in organizations” and “Gendered organizations”. Three levels of gender inequalities in organizations were identified: individual-behavioral, normative and structural. The objective [...]

Poretskova A. A., Davidenko M. A., Utkina V. V. Methodological features of studying gender norms, practices and processes in public administration, р. 111-125

This article examines the methodological features of the study of gender norms and practices in the state civil service in Russia. Such norms and practices are of interest, as the state civil service is characterized by a pronounced vertical gender segregation. That is, while women make up the majority of public service employees, they are [...]

Suleimanova R. N. “I can’t break the wall of indifference and detachment”: to the problem of relations between authorities and women’s community in post-war Bashkiria, р. 126-134

Using a wide range of archival documents and other sources, the article discusses the problem of relations between the authorities and the population, in particular the female population, which acquired special urgency and relevance in the second half of the 1940s — 1950s. The cardinal changes taking place in the USSR and the CPSU served [...]

Khabutdinov A. Yu., Imasheva M. M., Khabutdinova M. M. The socio-political movement of Muslim women in the Volga-Ural region in 1917, р. 135-151

The article discusses the process of formation and development of the socio-political movement of Muslim women (Tatars) in the Volga-Ural region during the revolutionary events of 1917. At the beginning of the 20th century Russian society believed that Muslim women did not have the opportunity to participate in public life, and their interests were traditionally [...]