Rules of reviewing

Reviewing submissions

1. Reviewing procedure
1.1 Reviewing of the articles submitted for publication in the scientific journal Woman in Russian Society is organized by the editorial board, the responsible editor of the current issue of the journal is held accountable for the quality of the reviews and the punctuality of reviewing.
1.2 The reviewers are the members of the editorial board of the journal Woman in Russian Society and leading experts in the field.
1.3 Journal stores reviews of the articles within at least five years.
1.6 In case of the negative review the author receives the well-reasoned Journal Rejection Letter.
2. Requirements for the contents of the review
2.1 The review must contain expert evaluation of the material of the article, objective and well-reasoned appraisal of its contents and conclusions together with recommendations for improvement and text editing.
2.2 The main criteria for acceptance of articles are:
Author’s contribution to the field; originality, significance and validity of methods and conclusions, skillful use of sources, cogency of presentation, clarity of writing
2.3 The reviewer’s comments and recommendations for the author and the publishing house must be objective and work towards the improvement of the level of the material and the quality of the article.
2.4 Review must contain clear opinion on the advisability of the submission in the journal Woman in Russian Society according to the definite research area which is in conformity with the nomenclature of scientific specialties. The reviewer may also take a decision about returning the article to the author for revising and editing or may recommend to reject submission, giving a Journal rejection letter.