Andryushina E. V., Grigorieva N. S., Panova E. A. Gender aspects of family strategies of Russian students: comparing results of 2008 and 2019 surveys, p.99-113, 2020 No.2

The authors examine students’ ideas about modern family, attitude to marriage, distribution of family responsibilities, family and work balance. The analysis is based on the data of two sociological surveys of senior students on family strategies conducted in 2008 and 2019 in universities in Moscow and Irkutsk stressing the gender component. The purpose of the […]

Rostovskaya T. K., Bezverbnaya N. A. Violence against women: global trends, p.89-98, 2020 No.2

Around the world, one in three women is subjected to abuse, most often by someone they know, including their spouse or partner. The article deals with the nature of gender-based violence, the authors pay special attention to the gender-based violence within family. Statistical data on domestic violence in different countries are analyzed. Special attention is […]

Zakharova L. N., Saralieva Z. H. -M., Leonova I. S. Subjective well-being of female employees of innovative companies of different ages, p.76-88, 2020 No.2

The results of an empirical study of subjective well-being as an emotional regulator of labor behavior of female personnel in the conditions of technological patterns changes have been presented. The characteristics of the subjective well-being of female personnel of industrial and medical companies with different levels of involvement in innovative processes have been analyzed. 420 […]

Ilimbetova A. A. Participation of Russian women in STEM business, p.52-61, 2020 No.2

The transformation of the fight for gender equality has led to a shift from the fight for equal rights to the fight for equality of opportunity. Provided by the laws the equal rights of men and women came across the existence of unwritten standards of proper behavior and occupations of women, “glass ceilingˮ, the existence […]

Sillaste G. G. The labor market, employment and professions as an economic space for the formation of a new gender order, p.38-51, 2020 No.2

The article reveals the conceptual approaches of the methodological analysis of one of the poorly studied socio-political phenomena of globalization — a new gender order. The author offers the concept of its evolutionary development in modes of social time and integrative conceptual interaction with theories of structure and social order. The processes and forms of […]