Sirazhudinova S. V. Gender strategy in Muslim society: the case of the North Caucasian republics, p. 56-67

This article discusses the basics of gender strategy in Islam. The author considers the features and problems of interpretation of gender strategy in Islam, its dependence from Islamic law schools and local environment and mentality. The gender strategy in Islam strictly defines a woman’s place in society and family, emphasizing her full dependence on a man (a guardian or husband, etc.). Female sexuality is strictly controlled and the system of gender bans play an important role. There are some gender strategies in the republics of the North Caucasus, which incorporate certain provisions of the General Muslim strategy, but at the same time transform it depending on local customs, social and political conditions. Drawing on
the sociological research, the author tried to identify and analyse the gender strategies of the republics. The article presents a comparative analysis of gender strategies in the Chechen Republic, the Republic of Dagestan and the Republic of Ingushetia, reveals their specificity, existing gender models and values. The study showed that the Muslim gender strategy is a combination of elements of the General Islamic strategy and its local modifications, depending on the state policy and the system of ethnic values and traditions of gender relations.
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