Gazieva A. A. Mediators of culture: about gender features of the status roles of women on the Caucasian frontier, p. 121-135

The article examines the gender specificity of the transmission of culture, socio-economic status, and the place of women in public perception in the Caucasus in accordance with the theory of the frontier. The study reveals many status social roles of women on the Caucasian frontier. In the course of the formation of the frontier area, a transformation of the gender status of women took place, which contributed to the emergence of the possibility of many of her status roles, the emergence of new ones and the transformation of existing ones. The status roles of women on the Caucasian frontier, general and private, were determined by the socio-economic development of the region, the hostilities of the Caucasian War, as well as the originality of the mental culture. Due to the fact that the importance of women in society has increased significantly, women began to play the role of a mediator, a translator of cultural values, which contributed to the formation of intercultural communication and dialogue. read in PDF>>>