Kartashkova F. I., Savina N. A. Specificity of female nonverbal behavior in Russian and American video advertising, pp. 62-73

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.2.6
The article is devoted to the analysis of various means of manipulating in commercials via non-verbal behavior from the gender angle. Comparative analysis of different forms of femi¬nine non-verbal behavior and female distinctive images in advertisements is delivered. Communicative and manipulative tactics aimed at perlocutionary effect are discussed. The latter is achieved, as it is shown in the article, by manipulating the emotional state of reci-pient. The essential factors in the creation of an advertisement that intensify the perlocutionary effect are also analyzed here. They consist in strong connection of the advertising image with the advertised object that influences the ability of the recipient to understand the meaning of the message. No less important for the advertisement is the category of implicitness, which is revealed through the verbal as well as non-verbal (phonation, miremics, mimics, proxemics and others) part of this form of communication.
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