Sungurova N. L., Il’ina E. V. Work satisfaction and time outlook peculiarities of working middle-aged women, pp. 52-61

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.2.5
In the article the authors present the results of a theoretical and empirical study of the psychological characteristics of working middle-aged women in the aspect of experiencing satisfaction — dissatisfaction with work, ideas about the time perspective, the expression of meaningful orientations. The study involved adult women who are professionally engaged
in the economic and medical spheres. Analysis of the results of the study showed that most women are satisfied with their work. To a greater extent — in the sphere of relations with col-leagues, to a lesser extent — in relation to earnings. The notion of a temporal perspective is characterized by a fairly positive attitude toward the future and the past, but by a certain degree of helplessness towards the present. Specific features of the relationship between job satisfaction and time perspective in different occupational groups of women are noted.

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