Abdullaeva Sh. A., Rostovskaya T. K., Rostovskaya N. A. Feminine issues in the Azerbaijani media in 1903—1913, pp. 74-86

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.2.7
Family and feminine issues were among the topics the intellectual and progressive people mostly discussed at the beginning of the XX c. During those years Azerbaijani media played a significant role in the fight for the women’s rights. The first feminine issue in Azer-baijani Turkish-language media was raised in the newspaper “Shargi-Rus” in 1903, afterwards other newspapers such as “Hayat”, “Irshad”, “Yeni Irshad”, “Taraggi” published articles about women’s illiteracy and ways to eliminate this illiteracy. “Molla Nasraddin” magazine bravely fought against religious fanatics and published satiric articles and caricatures in order for the women to have the same rights as the men and take off their veils. The most substantial event related to this issue was the publication of women’s newspaper “Ishig” published in 1911. The editor-in-chief was Kh. Alibekova. However, the newspaper which was criticized by progressive-intellectual minded people for its liberalism, and by religious community for demands of women’s rights, stopped being published after 47 issues. The time proved that the efforts of the prominent social-political and even some religious figures of Azerbaijan were not ineffective. After all, the women who fought for their rights began to appear in the social and political life frequently, and as a result of their joint struggle, they were able to get the right of education, social activity and even the right to elect and be elected.
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