Woman in russian society. 2016. No 3.

Khakhovskaya L. N. Gender aspect of the urbanization process of indigenous people in Magadan region рр.63-72

The purpose of the article is to analyze the gender aspect of Even and Koryak people migration from nomad locations and villages to urban localities of Magadan region. A gender shift is determined on the edge of village/district center. This shift is shown as an “urbanization ladder” that demonstrates sharp increase of density of women [...]

Pushkareva N. L., Mitsyuk N. A. Modernization of reproductive behavior of noblewomen in the second half of XIX — the beginning of the XX c. рр.73-89

Authors reveal the main trends in reproductive behavior of noblewomen in the second half of XIX and the beginning of the XX c. The noblewomen are in the center of the research, because the modernization of reproductive behavior was the most pronounced in this social stratum. The study is based on the women’s private documents, [...]

Mutieva O. S. Caucasian War and reforms of 1860—1870-s as factors contributing to women becoming entrepreneurs in Dagestan рр.90-97

The article is devoted to 60—70-s reforms of the XIX c. as an important factor in the formation of a layer of women-entrepreneurs in Dagestan. The end of the Caucasian War and the ensuing reforms of 1860—1870-s had a tremen-dous influence on the development of the Dagestan society. This period is well covered in the [...]

Chernysheva N. V. Social position of women in the Great Patriotic War: historical and sociological analysis (On materials of Kirov region) рр.98-105

The article contains a historical and sociological analysis of the social po-sition of women in the Great Patriotic War. Considering the example of the so-cial status of women rear population, the researcher notes the factors contributing to its change. The paper defines main characteristics of the status: woman as mother, as a hard worker and [...]

Bukina А. А. The gender dimension of programs of conservative and centrist political parties in modern Russia рр.106-120

This article focuses on the gender dimension of conservative and centrist political parties in modern Russia. The author conducted an analysis of 29 parties programs in order to find out the importance of gender in them. The study showed that 76 % of the surveyed parties mention in their programs such words as “women”, “motherhood”, [...]

Zabelina T. Yu. Information on the International conference “Gender issues in culture and media in the Ex-Soviet area” рр.121-123

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O. A. Khasbulatova. Gender aspects of STEM-education in Russia pp.3-15

The article is devoted to the problem of creating equal opportunities for women and men to receive engineering and technological specialities (STEM-professions). The study of historical and documentary sources has revealed the following tendency: concentration of Russian women in the field of humani-ties, men — in sciences. This logically led to women and men working [...]

O. B. Savinskaya. Gender equality in the early STEM-education as a factor of Russia’s successful technological development pp.16-24

The article discusses the importance of the implementation of educa-tional programs for pre-school children to study the basics of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM-knowledge), as the scientific basis of development in today’s world of technological transition. Overview of the current situation in preschool education shows that STEM-knowledge gives preschoolers great potential for further development [...]

Mikhaylova E. A. Implementation of professional capacity of Russian women: sociological dimension pp.25-38

Analysis of all Russian public opinion polls conducted by Russian Public Opinion Research Centre in the period from 1991 to 2016, indicates the presence of significant changes in the system of distribution of social roles that have occurred over the last quarter century in Russia. However, it turns out that public stereotypes that women are [...]

Nartova N. А. Motherhood in contemporary Western sociological debate pp. 39-53

Motherhood got into focus of social researchers in 1960—1970s. Since that time it is a rich and rapidly developing debate. This article provides an overview of contemporary Western sociological discussion about mother-hood. The author identifies three key vectors of research of motherhood: a pub-lic/private motherhood, “bad”/“good” motherhood, oppression/possibilities of motherhood. In the first discussion researchers [...]

Soblirova Z. Kh. Woman’s fashion as an element of the local urban culture (On the example of Nalchik) рр. 54-62

The paper studies problems of local fashion phenomenon in the context of the Adyghe cultural system. This work analyzes certain aspects of the material culture dynamics (national dress), which led to the replacement of traditional values, worldview, the foundations of society and the formation of a new cultural paradigm. The study advances the idea of [...]