Soblirova Z. Kh. Woman’s fashion as an element of the local urban culture (On the example of Nalchik) рр. 54-62

The paper studies problems of local fashion phenomenon in the context of the Adyghe cultural system. This work analyzes certain aspects of the material culture dynamics (national dress), which led to the replacement of traditional values, worldview, the foundations of society and the formation of a new cultural paradigm. The study advances the idea of dialectical interdependence of traditional styles and modern fashion trends.
Based on the materials of the urban youth survey we attempted to expli-cate female images presented in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic). The article presents a typology of different girlish images, makes theoretical conclusions aimed at a thorough disclosure of the stages of evolution of spiritual and material values in the city, village and illustrates issues related to the trans-formation of the whole material culture of the local people.Range of scientific questions and issues raised here did not often become the subject of research, especially in the context of historical-cultural interpreta-tion of fashion as a manifestation of the local in PDF>>>