Mutieva O. S. Caucasian War and reforms of 1860—1870-s as factors contributing to women becoming entrepreneurs in Dagestan рр.90-97

The article is devoted to 60—70-s reforms of the XIX c. as an important factor in the formation of a layer of women-entrepreneurs in Dagestan. The end of the Caucasian War and the ensuing reforms of 1860—1870-s had a tremen-dous influence on the development of the Dagestan society. This period is well covered in the works of historians, both pre-revolutionary and contemporary. However, the issues related to the impact of reforms on the economic situation of women and, in particular, on the development of women-entrepreneurs in Dagestan did not find adequate coverage. This paper attempts to fill this gap and to identify the role of the bourgeois reforms in the formation of women’s entrepreneurship.
The research based on the analysis of literary and archival materials re-vealed that conducted in the region bourgeois reforms played an important role in the process of integration of women in business. After studying the nature of women entrepreneurship, we came to the conclusion that at the turn of XIX—XX cс. they were involved in the trade and industrial activities, engaged in various types of business activities. They owned wine and brandy enterprises, various craft schools, private educational institutions. The study noted that these women were mostly of Russian or Armenian origin. Among local indigenous women there were practically no women entrepreneurs. Activities of women-entrepreneurs were based on equal opportunities principles as stipulated in the laws of the Rus-sian in PDF>>>