O. B. Savinskaya. Gender equality in the early STEM-education as a factor of Russia’s successful technological development pp.16-24

The article discusses the importance of the implementation of educa-tional programs for pre-school children to study the basics of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM-knowledge), as the scientific basis of development in today’s world of technological transition. Overview of the current situation in preschool education shows that STEM-knowledge gives preschoolers great potential for further development in primary and secondary schools. Studies also show that boys are more likely to acquire a better knowledge of mathematics and engineering sciences, which — to a certain extent — is determined by the teachers and pupils gender stereotypes concerning pre-school education. The article deals with the subject of STEM-knowledge for preschool children and the gender dimensions of its successful teaching. The two important parts of education policy should be implemented: development of pre-service activities or teacher training on gender analysis in STEM-programs and wider spreading of STEM-knowledge in the municipal kindergartens. Knowledge of gender differ-ences should not lead to the development of gender dichotomy in education; on the contrary, it should lead to equal access of children to knowledge by develop-ing motivation and positive attitudes of boys and girls to STEM-knowledge. The high importance of STEM-education is based on the fact that new infor-mation technologies and scientific approach encompass any professional activity and even everyday life of modern man. read in PDF>>>