Bukina А. А. The gender dimension of programs of conservative and centrist political parties in modern Russia рр.106-120

This article focuses on the gender dimension of conservative and centrist political parties in modern Russia. The author conducted an analysis of 29 parties programs in order to find out the importance of gender in them. The study showed that 76 % of the surveyed parties mention in their programs such words as “women”, “motherhood”, “family”. Only two right-wing parties in their programs speak about women's work. “The party of the spiritual transformation of Russia” considers that the work of women in the family should be counted as employment history. Another party “The national policy” makes a reservation, that this measure should be applied to women bringing up three children. Such parties as “The women’s dialogue” and “For the women of Russia” declare that women are bearers of a special’s mission to harmonize the social and politi-cal order in Russia. In general, right-wing and centrist political parties give gender issues little concern outside the reproductive discourse.
Some parties say that the government must organize favorable conditions for increasing the birth rate, other parties talk about the need for stringent prohibitions (against abortions) and public propaganda of traditional values.
The cited data show that none of these parties sees our society capable of self-regulation and problem solving (including demographic ones) through the institutions of civil society.read in PDF>>>