Sulimov V. S. Sanitary-hygienic state of women's educational facilities in Western Siberia in the early ХХ c. pp.36-45

The article describes sanitary-hygienic condition in women's secular schools of Western Siberia in the early twentieth century. It examines the impact of doctors, teachers, workers’ councils and parent committees. Compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms was an urgent task as in educational institutions of the region frequent epidemics took place. Many schools did not meet hygienic standards. The main problems were the tightness ofschool buildings, non-observance of temperature mode in the premises during classes, leading to an increase in respiratory diseases among the pupils. During the First World War in connection with the arrival of immigrants and refugees in the region the number of epidemics which had a negative impact on the sanitary and hygienic state schools in PDF>>>