Solovey A. P. The social well-being of women researchers in the academic science of the Republic of Belarus, pp. 27-39

The article presents a brief review of the scientific literature on various aspects of the status of women in science, on the basis of which the necessity and actuality of studying the social well-being of women researchers in academic science is substantiated. The methodology of studying the social well-being of women researchers is looked into. The main groups of indicators of social well-being are identified, taking into account the spe-cifics of the studied social-professional being. Based on the analysis of the sociological research conducted for the first time among women scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a social-demographic portrait of women researchers was given a careful consideration. The indicators of internal emotional perception of women’s life and their social attitudes are analyzed. Significant basic values and importance of value orientations for women, as well as the most disturbing problems of women, are identified. The indices of satisfaction with the indicators of social well-being, the cumulative index of the social well-being of female researchers, which is quite high (0,61), are calculated. The influence of social well-being on effectiveness of women’s scientific activity is determined. Applying factorial and cluster methods, types of women researchers are identified depending on the social well-being, value orientations.
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