Pinkovetskaya Yu. S. Entrepreneurial activity of women in the modern economy, pp. 40-51

The problem of women’s involvement in entrepreneurship in modern Russia is investi-gated. The main attention is paid to a comprehensive assessment of the entrepreneurial activity of our compatriots and the analysis of their motivation when creating their own business. In the process of studying this problem, the author used the results of the report on the global entrepreneurship monitoring project, as well as the corresponding national report for 2016. Conclusions are drawn about the high level of women activity and the prevalence of voluntary entrepreneurs among women in comparison with those who do business out of necessity. Estimates of the women number included in business are given. It is shown that the ratio of female and male entrepreneurial activity in the early stages in Russia is much higher than in the USA and the largest economies of the European Union. Presented are the measures for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in Russia in the future.
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