Ukhanova Yu. V. Civil participation of regional community: gender dimension, pp. 16 — 27

The article looks into the gender aspect of public participation in the region. Civic participation means the process by which public associations or individuals get involved in relations with the state and other socio-political institutions in order to address important social issues. Monitoring the data of public opinion of Vologda region residents conducted by Vologda Research Centre of RAS revealed that there are similar trends in the process of civic partici-pation for women and men in the region: a decrease in the level of activity in public and political life. One of the main factors of low civil initiative is supposed to be the disbelief in the possibility to influence the state of affairs. In recent years, according to the polls, there has been an increase in the willingness to unite for joint actions. The main forms of civic participation for both women and men in the region are elections and community work days. The analysis suggests the low public participation in the Vologda region in social and political life. At the same time, it was revealed that among women involvement in various forms of participation in resolving region’s problems is slightly higher than among men. Thus, the female population acts as a full subject on a par with men in the field of civic participation in the region, which indicates that there are no significant gender barriers in this respect.
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