Smeyukha V. V., Kuzmina O. G., Khoroshevskaya Yu. P. Reflection of the transformation of gender stereotypes in modern women’s magazines, p. 60-79

The article deals with the topic of gender stereotypes transformation in the reflection of modern women’s magazines. The women’s press is a popular type of media that contributes both to the spread of gender stereotypes and to their maintenance; it also creates popular gender images and roles. The authors analyzed four publications: “Cosmopolitan”1, “Elle”2, “Domashniy Ochag”3, “Rabotnitsa” (in this publication, the authors used only materials in the “Creativity” section). For this purpose, the authors reviewed typological models, journalistic texts, stories and promotional materials. The study uses typological, comparative, philological methods, as well as observation and comparison. The results of the study showed that over the period of development in the Russian market the models of Russified versions of the foreign press have undergone changes. This is reflected in a change in the typological structures of journals, the characteristics of the readership (the age limits of the reader groups expanded, their priorities were transformed). In publications there is a departure from traditional femininity as a stereotype of a patriarchal society, towards the promotion of feminist ideas. In this way, the ideology of the behavior of an independent woman is formed. The transformation of gender stereotypes is carried out in the spheres of life: spiritual and moral, family and household, professional and image. The magazine “Rabotnitsa”, which is the oldest domestic publication, supports the traditions of domestic journalism and traditional cultural values, gender-role stereotypes about the primary role of women prevail; namely, wife, mother, house-wife. Based on the analysis, it has been concluded that the factors of information globalization and the transformation of cultural values have the greatest influence on gender transformation and the modification of gender stereotypes.
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