Morozov S. D. Men, women and children on occupied territories of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War: the population size and losses pp.37-47

The article focuses on the losses among civil population on the occupied territories of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War.
The author makes use of a wide range of documentary sources and literature on Great Patriotic and World War II history. His own calculations and also statistic data on the losses of civilians (men, women, and children) of the other authors are presented and analyzed.
The material is based on the general methodological principles of his-torical knowledge (the most important of which are objectivity, historicism), and also concrete methods of historical research. The methods used include those employed in a wide range of sciences, historical and special methods (borrowed from other sciences): logical, synchronous and chronological, retrospective , structurally-systematic method, the mathematical analysis, sociological method and others.
The author comes to the following conclusions. The main reasons for the civilians’ losses on the occupied territories were: the deliberate destruction of the civilian population by aggressors for national, racial and political motives; spontaneous destruction of the population, structures, etc. at the retreat of fascist troops; high mortality of people because of in-fections, hunger, hard work; natural and violent mortality during the movement of the population — independent migrations or forced deportation for work to Germany; relatively smaller death rate and mutila-tions because of minefields and unexploded shells. read in PDF>>>