Bolokina L. A. The women of the occupied Kalinin region territory during the Great Patriotic War pp.28-36

The article analyzes the modes of women’s behavior in the territory of Kalinin region occupied by the Germans in 1941—1944. The article is based on the analysis of reminiscences of the war and official records. The records of Tver documentation centre of modern and contemporary history as well as archives of the Federal Security Service containing little-known pecularities of the citizens′ life during occupation are used. The author reveals the public reaction to the invasion, the women’s participation in the resistance movement. Analyzing the women’s role in the partisan movement the author underlines difficulties in their adaptation to the life in partisan units. The article shows that there were all forms of collaboration (from political to everyday) on the occupied territory of Kalinin Region. The most common reasons for collaboration were the wish to survive and even make profit as well as fear of relatives. The author observes different forms of relationship between local community and the Germans who settled in their houses and flats. The occupants often acted aggressively but in some cases they showed kindness, for example, to children. The article pays special attention to the consideration of irregular situations with the women in occupation with evidence provided. The author draws a conclusion that most of the women on the occupied territory of Kalinin Region had to collaborate some way or other with the representatives of the occupation authorities and asks to be careful at the assessment of their behavior. read in PDF>>>