Klimenko L. V., Posukhova O. Yu. Gender aspects of precarization of labour in Russian society, p. 29-40

The article investigates the gender aspects of precarization of social and labor relations in modern Russia. Based on the analysis of statistical data for the 2005—2015 period it shows that precarization against women working part-time, underemployed women, fall into gender segregated occupational niches of the informal economy (trade, sewing and mending, tutoring, housekeeping, child care and caring for children, elderly, sick). In recent years, the increasing number of qualified women with higher education get into precarization labour zone. Most men are also included in the types and forms of labor relations, which are characterized by instability and social insecurity. They predominate among the temporarily employed workers, the self- and overemployed. Over the past 15 years the proportion of men mainly engaged in the construction, agricultural work, transportation services has increased almost twice in the informal economy.
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