Utkina N. Yu. Objective and subjective factors of women entrepreneurship development in Russia, p.17-28

The gender dimension of modern economic relations acquires a special significance not only because women in the market economy continue to be a decisive factor in social production in Russia, but also due to the fact that they form a typical “gender niche” of population’s economic activity. The purpose of the article was to determine the gender components of the entrepreneurship de-velopment in Russia. In the process the author concludes that the main characteristic of women's entrepreneurship as a socio-economic phenomenon is the industry affiliation of women business. It was found out that women prefer those areas of business that are a continuation of their work in the domestic sphere. The business sectors women are most active and successful in include: health care, pre-school education, services, catering, sport, tourism as a form of leisure activities, cottage industry. A special role belongs to the family business, which makes it possible to realize the creative possibilities of all family members, providing them with support and protection under any adverse circumstances. The results presented in this article are intended to broaden the knowledge of women entrepreneurship issues in transition economies; special attention is paid to the definition of gender differences in this area.
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