Dementyeva I. N. Social well-being of women in economic conditions of 2015 (On the example Vologda region), p. 41-52

The article attempts to estimate economic and social situation of Vologda region in the conditions of 2015 economic crisis as well as closely connected with these issues mood of the region’s women. It is shown that women are one of the least protected categories. They are most vulnerable to negative changes of the social and economic situation.
The conclusion is drawn that in the conditions of crisis the dynamics of women’s estimation of the economic situation in the country and the region as well as of their own financial position tends to be mainly negative. At the same time, their social well-being depends first of all on social and psychological cli-mate within a family, on how the relations with children, close relatives, friends.
The research is conducted on the basis of the public opinion monitoring data carried out by the Institute of the Socio-Economic Development of Territo-ries of Russian Academy of Sciences in the Vologda region.
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