Kalabikhina I. E. Modern socio-demographic policy in Russia: is there any continuity in conceptual approaches in the documents of 2007—2017?, pp. 14-28

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.4.2
The comparison of five conceptual documents in the field of socio-demographic policy for 2007—2017 was made using the method of content analysis of texts. One of the results of the analysis is the lack of continuity of conceptual approaches in different documents; the change of conceptual approach from liberal to conservative one; weak link between goals and success indicators of different concepts and strategies. Oblivion of gender equality occurred in the very first documents of the studied decade. A gradual change of conceptual approaches coincided with oblivion of “gender”. New approaches are characterized by the in-crease in traditionalism, paternalism; rejection of the principle of participation of objects of policy in making decisions affecting their interests; change of priorities of interests (the priority is given not to a child’s or an adult member of the family interests but to the one featuring state and family interests).
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