Ageeva E. A. The peculiarities of women’s consumer activity on the Russian luxury market during World War I pp.147-158

The article represents the gender analysis of Russian luxury market during World War I and February Revolution. The article contains analysis of social experience of upper-class society members, their daily pursuits and activities in emergency conditions.
The major conclusions are as follows. Luxury consumption by upper-class womenfolk increased. One can say that luxury in war time has distinct female feel about it. In a way it was a compensation for the toils of war as well as means of wealth accumulation.
Women psychology had a major impact on the market. The growth of luxury consumption may be explained not only by social but also by psychological reasons.
Gender peculiarities of consumer activities on Russian luxury goods market were as follows: feverish demand on luxury goods bordering on prodigality. Veblen effect was demonstrated. Customers selected goods that were more expensive and were in fashion.
The author explores the wide range of historical sources. The commentaries and “women” press were among the most important ones. This research represents a multidisciplinary approach drawing on social sciences, history and economics.
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