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The article investigates problems of combining paid employment and maternity. The theoretical approaches presented in the economic and sociological literature explaining the conflict of social roles of women’s “work and maternityˮ are analyzed. The differences in the positions of rural and urban mothers with children in the labor market are […]

Blinova T. V., Vyal’shina A. A. Working mothers’ ...

The article considers a specific group of freelancers — mom freelancers, or mama-lancers — in terms of their lifestyle characteristics and the formation of lifestyle settings. Ma-ma-lancers are women with children who use freelance as paid employment. The methodological foundations of studying the lifestyle of mama-lancers, the results of an […]

Kozhevnikova E. V., Kharchenko V. S. Lifestyle of ...

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.1 Overcoming the digital gender gap in Russia can be difficult because many basic prob-lems of gender inequality have not been fully resolved. The article shows what changes in pro-fessional employment and the labor market will take place as a result of the digital economy development. An attempt is […]

Khotkina Z. А. Towards the digital gender equality