Kozhevnikova E. V., Kharchenko V. S. Lifestyle of mama-lancers in contemporary society, p. 91-102

The article considers a specific group of freelancers — mom freelancers, or mama-lancers — in terms of their lifestyle characteristics and the formation of lifestyle settings. Ma-ma-lancers are women with children who use freelance as paid employment. The methodological foundations of studying the lifestyle of mama-lancers, the results of an empirical study performed in the case study strategy are presented. Mothers-freelancers (mama-lancers) are described as a type of freelancers and their lifestyle characteristics: employment, work values and value orientations, plans for the future, representations of mama-lancers about success in freelance and in the role of mother, the balance of family and work are analyzed. The results of the study showed that it is free employment that allows one to create a balance between work and mother functions. An attempt was made to differentiate the types of mom freelancers based on their motivation and employment strategies: forced, part-time, “maternity” and “clean”.
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