Keywords: gender balance

The issue of gender equality in corporate governance is currently one of the most pressing — the proportion of women in the top management of companies is growing, but varies significantly depending on the industry and size. An analysis of publications showed that the phenomenon of female leadership in business […]

Grigorieva N. S., Zhokhova A. A., Kuznetsova A. I. The ...

The problem of the imbalance of women and men in the IT sector, including employment and wages, is considered on the example of the Republic of Belarus at two levels — objective (real opportunities) and subjective (women’s perception of the situation). Data on employment, the presence of an imbalance of […]

Titarenko L. G. Gender inequality in career ladder for young ...

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.3 One of the tools for determining the dynamics of achieving gender equality is the indi-cator defined as the gender gap. The gender inequality index in the world was 68 % in 2016. International studies have found out that gender inequality in the world increased in 2017. Russia’s rating […]

Dobrokhleb V. G. Lifelong learning and gender balance