Dobrokhleb V. G. Lifelong learning and gender balance

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.3
One of the tools for determining the dynamics of achieving gender equality is the indi-cator defined as the gender gap. The gender inequality index in the world was 68 % in 2016. International studies have found out that gender inequality in the world increased in 2017. Russia’s rating has never been very high: in 2016 our country ranked 75th out of 144. The Concept of lifelong learning is an effective tool for achieving gender balance. The population of Russia has a high educational potential. However, the comparison of Russia’s and European countries population participation in continuous education is to our disfavor. The article shows that the use and increase of educational potential of men and women of all ages in our country is designed to contribute not only to the growth of economic indica-tors outlined in the new May decrees, but to reduce gender inequality.
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