Sinova I. V. Т. М. Zakharova’s pivot in the public diplomacy, pp. 145-152

The article is based on the analysis of literature and narrative sources, including those recorded in personal conversations. On the example of T. M. Zakharova the author shows the realization of “soft power” notion. T. Zacharova combined work at the Leningrad plant of laminated plastics with public diplomacy; she was vice-president of the USSR — USA Friend-ship Society, a member of the Committee of Soviet Women, a board member of the Leningrad branch of the Union of Soviet Societies of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Fate and international activity of Zakharova is considered in the article as the influence of a personal factor on public diplomacy practice. The example of T. M. Zakharova testifies that women at international conferences and meetings related to issues of peace and disarmament. The article cites facts connected with her ability to find convincing arguments and effective forms of explaining the policy of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. T. Zacharova managed to find such arguments and explanations in difficult situations in the course of communication with representatives of foreign countries. Her job as a representative of public diplomacy was appreciated. She was awarded the Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples and the Sign “Influential Woman of the World” by the United States Women’s Public Organization. The article analyzes the activity of T. M. Zakharova, and it is shown that she was a typical Soviet-era nominee for party, state and economic positions chosen on socio-party-demographic criteria. However, her personal qualities did contribute a lot to her ef-ficiency as a representative of “soft power” in diplomacy.
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