Sillaste G. G. The labor market, employment and professions as an economic space for the formation of a new gender order, p.38-51

The article reveals the conceptual approaches of the methodological analysis of one of the poorly studied socio-political phenomena of globalization — a new gender order. The author offers the concept of its evolutionary development in modes of social time and integrative conceptual interaction with theories of structure and social order. The processes and forms
of “substitution” of the norms of the old gender order with the new ones are analyzed on the example of the most mobile sphere of economic development: the labor market. It reveals its transformation into a three-segment economic space market: the labor market, the employment market and the market of professions as a structure with social norms, gender order and
gender resources. The article analyzes dynamic gender processes and the introduction of new norms of gender order in the market of professions. The article continues a series of author’s publications that revealed the theory of the new gender order and its practical implementation in domestic social practice (see № 2 and № 3, 2019).
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