Ilimbetova A. A. Participation of Russian women in STEM business, p.52-61

The transformation of the fight for gender equality has led to a shift from the fight for equal rights to the fight for equality of opportunity. Provided by the laws the equal rights of men and women came across the existence of unwritten standards of proper behavior and occupations of women, “glass ceilingˮ, the existence of which is noticeable, but often unprovable. At the same time, technological development and universal informatization have created an era of digital economy in which women also have to take their place. The social status and capabilities of the individual in the digital age will depend on how well they have been able to adapt to changing technological conditions, educational requirements and skills. As a result of the analysis of the data, it was found that Russian women are full participants in economic relations and entrepreneurship. About one third of entrepreneurs in STEM business are women. In that sphere of business, there is gender differentiation and niches traditionally occupied by women: accounting services, advertising, textiles and food production, humanities and social sciences, biotechnology and medicine. The larger the business and the more employees it employs, the fewer women managers there are. The structure of business activities of men and women is similar to the educational structure of the population: technical specialties — male, humanitarian — female. In general, the analysis of the data leads to the conclusion that women’s participation in STEM business is insufficient.
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