Sillaste G. G. Science as a sphere of self-realization of women and the socio-gender potential of its development, p. 3-17

The article, conceptually based on the paradigm of social time modus, the theory of gender equality and institutionalism, considers the development of science as a type of activity, a social process and an extra-economic factor that determines the behavior of an individual, his choice and preferences in the scientific sphere of life, depending on the gender characteristic that affects the personality behavior in this sphere. The evolutionary process of cognition of the surrounding reality is analyzed as the evolution of the development of science and the historical contribution of talented women of different eras to its develop-ment. A gallery of Top 10 women is built, who entered the history of science by making scien-tific discoveries and becoming pioneers in ten branches of scientific knowledge. A comparative analysis of the gender structure of those employed in modern world and domestic science, their gender differentiation is given. Gender peculiarities of choice and motivation of forms and directions of integration of women into scientific activity are revealed as a form of creative self-realization of personality and development of gender equality. The problematic issues of the development of a “new gender strategy” are raised by the followers of the scientific school “Gender and Economic Sociology”. read in PDF>>>