Kashina M. A. “Visibility” of gender studies in Russian sociology: has marginality been overcome? p. 18-36

Marginality in society can be considered as a situation of cultural conflict, and as a way of breaking outdated norms and patterns. In science, marginality can generate innovative interdisciplinary approaches, or it can be the evidence of a scientific outsider position. At the beginning of the XXI century gender sociology occupied the position of an outsider in Russian social science. The research question of this article is — what is the situation today, 20 years later? The author makes use of scientometric tools, in particular the citation index. Analyzed is the representation of gender topics in the general array of sociological publications for 2015—2020 in Russian-language journals indexed by the Scopus database. Besides, the author compares the publication activity in the field of gender sociology with the activity in thirteen other fields of sociology too. The author shows that gender topics in different scientific journals are presented differently. 39 % of all articles were published in the journal “Woman in the Russian Society” (Ivanovo). However the journal “Sociological Studies” (Moscow) publishes only 8 % of such papers. The main conclusion of the researcher is that gender issues are not yet fully integrated into the research field of Russian sociology, due to which its innovative potential remains largely unused. read in PDF>>>