Shtylyova L. V. Gender component of pedagogical culture and the problem of orientation of girls at STEM-education and STEM-professions

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2018.3.5
The article deals with the views of pre-school educational institution staff on gender is-sues. This is considered to be a major factor of girls socialization, orienting them towards mostly traditionally feminine professions or those known as STEM ones. The choice is basical-ly between professions associated with humanities and those associated with sciences. The comparative analysis of the research conducted in 2000—2001 and 2017 showed that teachers views on gender aspect of education have not undergone substantial changes and could be viewed as a factor that hinders girls involvement in STEM-education. The author suggests some ideas which could be made use of by teachers in order to create a more balanced situation between information oriented society and gender aspect of education.
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