Ryazancev S. V., Pismennaya E. E., Maksimova A. S., Gafurovа Sh. Sh. Transformation of women social roles in Tajikistan in the labor migration conditions, pp.64-74

The ruling of households in Tajikistan still remains patriarchal. There exists the practice of distribution of gender roles in the society which was established earlier. Active inclusion of women into the process of labor migration tends to enter new behavior models into the social life of Tajikistan, which is not typical of the traditional lifestyle. Family, marriage, sexual and reproductive behaviors transform under the influence of migration.
The article describes the gender structure of Tajikistan population and dynamics and specific of migration from Tajikistan to Russia including labor migration. The authors explore the specifics of liberalization problems of different parts of traditional family life in Tajikistan, including family, marriage, sexual, reproductive and vital behavior, under the impact of migra-tion.
The scenarios of women social roles transformation were examined. These scenarios occur when a woman is a labor migrant by herself on the one hand, or she is the wife of labor migrant on the other. The paper describes the transformation of social roles hierarchy of wom-en who are labor migrants from Tajikistan to Russia.
Women who had traditionally had the roles of mothers, wives, daughters, got new social roles — roles of employees and professionals. These new roles integrate into the hierarchy of the previous ones.
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