Bagirova A. P., Chereshova S. V., Zolotnitskaya L. V. Possibilities for developing parental competencies in the Russian education system, p.15-30

The Russian education system, while declaring the importance of forming a comprehensively developed personality, does not imply that young people are willing to give birth and raise children, ensure the all-round development of them, and also take responsibility for this. The formation of this component of personality today is attributed primarily to the family. At the same time, the increase in the intensity of parental work and the increase in society’s demands for its results lead to an increase in the complexity of this type of work for its actors. In these conditions, the task of the social institution of education, formulated as preparing the individual for work in the labor market and not including preparation for parental work, looks extremely insufficient today. The article presents the results of a study of the sufficiency of parental competencies and readiness to acquire new knowledge about raising children in the Sverdlovsk region. The willingness of the majority of parents to acquire special knowledge for raising children was revealed, despite the high self-esteem of their own competencies. A lack of parental knowledge on issues of combating bullying, measures of state support for parents, and professional self-determination of the child has been established. The authors raise the question of the need to return to a comprehensive formulation of the issue of the participation of the education system in preparation for parental work and the formation of individual responsibility for its results.
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