Krasnyanskaya T. M., Tylets V. G., Iokhvidov V. V. Concepts of women’s personal security in different types of financial behavior in marriages, p. 74-85

The purpose of the research presented in the article was to study the concepts of personal security of women with different types of their financial behavior in marriage. The methods of content analysis, subjective scaling, and expert evaluation were used. The re-spondents were 100 married women aged 25 to 50 years living in megacities, cities and small towns in Russia. It has been established that there is a sufficient variability in the concepts of personal security of women in marriage (the concept of mutually beneficial, altruistic, empathic and tolerant securities) in Russian society. The parameters of financial behavior in the family that are significant for women have been identified, which cover the following aspects of cash flow: earnings (“voluntary choice of employee/dependent status”, “distributed responsibility for earning money”, “completeness of money receipt in the family”), distribution and control (“consistency of financial distribution”, “mandatory financial report”), spending (“indepen-dence of spending”, “transparency of spending”), accumulation (“equality of contribution to savings”). These parameters are explained by two factors — financial freedom and financial in-ternality. The concept of mutually beneficial security is consistent with financial freedom and internality; the concept of altruistic security is consistent with financial internality and depen-dence; the concept of empathic security is consistent with financial freedom and externality; the concept of tolerant security is consistent with financial dependence and externality. The ob-tained results have prognostic and interpretative potential of practical application in providing psychological assistance to women in marriage, and have prospects for further scientific deve-lopment of the problem. Read in PDF