Korostyleva N. N. The formation of modern organizations gender ecosystem: trends and prospects, pp. 27-39

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.3.3
The article is devoted to the question of the gender ecosystem construction. The prob-lem is analyzed through the influence of exogenous and endogenous aspects. Gender ecosys-tem is a multifactorial and multi-element kind of social ecosystem that requires a comprehen-sive study based on the principles of cooperation, flexibility and self-organization of interaction between women and men. Exogenous factors are the state of international gender policy, socio-political regulation of the country, national mechanism of gender equality, etc. Endogenous factors are the internal environment of the organization, where the gender policy
is formed, the attitude of the director and top management, tolerant corporate culture, gender-sensitive social, personnel, motivational programs as well as financing these programs. The study of gender ecosystem is new, quite promising in the scientific discourse. The complex analysis of personnel, social and motivational policy, formation and development of corporate culture from the point of view of ecological management have hardly ever been carried out. The article shows the sequence of steps in the formation of the gender ecosystem at the organizational level. Building a gender ecosystem is a complex process with a long-term perspective. The article reveals the factors influencing the creation of a unique environment of the company. In this environment, gender equality, favorable climate in the team, social protection of women and men as workers and their professional development should be achieved.
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