Khasbulatova O. A. Women’s movement in modern Russia, pp. 14-26

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.3.2
The article is devoted to the characteristics of the content and dynamics of the modern women’s movement in Russia. A comprehensive view of women’s movement in various spheres of public life is presented. The methodological foundations of this phenomenon are reviewed. The necessity of using specific historical and gender approaches of research is sub-stantiated. The functions of the women’s movement and the criteria for evaluating its effec-tiveness are formulated. The author gives a brief description of the formation of the women’s movement in the period from 1991 till present. The typology of the women’s movement is formulated on the basis of an integrated approach. Depending on the purpose of the organiza-tion, the author differentiates between the following types of organizations: women’s organizations of professional type, social-political organizations, organizations focusing on family and moral values, crisis centers, charitable organizations, virtual associations of women who call themselves feminists. The characteristic features, social base, orientation of the women’s movement are formulated. The progressive nature of the activities of women’s organizations is proved, the directions of the women’s movement development in Russia are outlined.
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