Sillaste G. G. The country gender landscape as the factor of a new gender order formation, its social risk, pp.4-13

DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2019.3.1
The subject of the article is the country gender landscape as the main factor of a new gender order formation in the context of globalization. The article analyses social con-troversies of this process and its features at three social levels: macro- , meso- , and micro. A typological grouping of countries according to the gender structure of the population, taking into account its gender asymmetry and gender imbalance is proposed. The article reveals the connection between the country’s population gender asymmetry and characteristics of the country’s new gender order, the West European focus of its formation. The contradictory and conflicting nature of certain norms of a new gender order is revealed in the analysis of its threats and social risks. The analysis of their essence, specificity, negative accumulation of social risks in specific objects taking place most notably in the traditional institution of the family is given. The group of the socio-gender risks as a type of social risks generated by the promotion of the number of innovative norms of the new gender order is identified.
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