Kluchko O. I. Models of sex-role socialization in Russian education pp.80-91

The article proposes traditional and gender models of sex-role socializa-tion in education and the criteria for their analysis. Differentiated by gender, the goals, forms, methods and techniques of training and education are identified as essential diagnostic criteria of the applied model. Regulatory documents of the Russian education fixate purposes of the gender model. Analysis of educational practice reveals the traditional content and differentiated methods. Discrepancy of modern purposes and traditional methods and content leads to pseudo gender model of sex-role socialization in Russian education.
The author notes the low level of reflection and awareness of this issue among teachers in Moscow which, in turn, creates many myths about gender approach. The content of professional teacher education needs to be updated, as is the scientific context in which models of sex-role socialization are formed and introduced into Russian education. read in PDF>>>