Kharitonov S. S. The gender issue in the system of views of the narodnik I. N. Kharlamov (Based on the materials of the essay “Woman in the Russian family”), p. 60 — 69

The views of the populist/narodnik I. N. Kharlamov (1854—1887) on gender issues, presented in his essay “Woman in the Russian family” (1880), are discussed in the paper. The methodological foundations of I. N. Kharlamov’s approach to the designated problem are analyzed. Gender issue is disclosed through the confrontation of two types of social order: “traditional” and “cultural”, characterized by the difference of the relationship to power. The main factors, influencing the formation of “traditional” and “cultural” types, such as legal norms, Christian morality, communal way of life are dealt with. These types, according to I. N. Kharlamov, determined the forms of marriage, property rights of spouses, had a direct impact on family relationships and the role of woman in the family. The problem of existence of large patrimonial families are discussed. The stereotypes of feminine behavior, defined by “traditional” and “cultural” types are analyzed. Assessment of the status of women in peasant and “cultural” families in the historical realities of the second half of the XIX c. from the point of their civil rights problems are given.
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