Mutieva O. S. Regulation of the family relations among the mountaineers in the conditions of the Caucasian War (In the context of Shamil’s reforms) , p. 70 — 77

The article examines the general direction of some of Imam Shamil’s measures in the regulation of the family relations among mountaineers under the Caucasian War conditions. The analysis of the sources on the topic shows that the legislative activity of the Imam was due to several circumstances peculiar to the patriarchal and military life of the highlanders. The author notes that Shamil, introducing the nizams of life, edited many of the provisions of Sharia, and proceeded from the specific situation in the Imamate.
An important place in Shamil’s reforms was devoted to the questions regarding the situation of women living high in the mountains (goryanka). It is concluded that under the influence of Shamil’s reforms the situation of women improved, both in the family and in society. The author analyzes these issues making use of literary and archival materials.
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