Tsys V. V., Tsys O. P. Women’s education and women in education in the Tobolsk North in the XIX — the beginning of the XX c., p. 78 — 87

In the article the main stage of women’s education formation in the Tobolsk North (within the present borders of Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets autonomous regions) is considered since its inception at the turn of the 40—50s XIX c. until 1917. Two stages of its development are singled out, the chronological boundary of which is the mid-1880s. The role of philanthropists in the emergence of women’s schools, the increasing role of women in the system of educational institutions in the region, as well as the factors that contributed to this. Among them, the change in the social status of women, the development of a network of schools, requiring the creation of a system for the training of pedagogical personnel, insufficiently high salaries for teachers of rural primary schools are mentioned. It is indicated that the level of female literacy in the region was lower than in Siberia and in Russia as a whole. It is concluded that the representatives of indigenous nationalities were extremely weakly involved in training.
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