Israelian E. V. National security of Canada: gender dimension, p. 42-52

In 2020 the international community is celebrating several significant dates related to gender issues. These developments are of fundamental importance for Canada, which is actively involved in the development of gender policy at the international and domestic levels. The article examines the initiatives of the government of Canada to introduce a gender component in ensuring the country’s security. The first part of the paper examines the domestic political cross-section of security in Canada, using the examples of the fight against coronavirus and violence against women. The second part is devoted to the study of the country’s contribution to the development and implementation of international documents related to the theme “Women, peace and security”. The Liberal party platform — 2019, statements by J. Trudeau and other party leaders, as well as the composition of the new Cabinet leave no doubt that the Liberals will remain committed to the principles of gender equality. The previous research on gender policy in Canada shows that its general outlines and specific achievements can be of both scientific and practical interest, including those who are engaged in the formation of gender-balanced approaches on international level and in the other countries.
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