Govorova N. V. The European Union market in the digital age: gender features, p. 30-41

The article considers the current situation of women in the European Union labor mar-ket in the context of the UN Agenda 2030 as well as describes the relevant EU legislation. The factors that determine the difference in pay and features of inequality at the professional level are identified. The reasons for gender imbalance in the digital economy are analyzed. The author analyzes the new document “Equality Union: Gender Equality Strategy 2020—2025” presented by the European Commission in March 2020 (section on the gender-equal economy), and stresses importance of overcoming existing gender stereotypes in all spheres of life, ensuring greater equality in training, recruitment and promotion in high-tech industries to prevent sectoral and professional segregation in the digital economy. This is also necessary for the optimal functioning of the so-called “just transition” mechanism, a modern industrial strategy for the transition to a green and digital economy in Europe.
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